Offering services at customer, building, site and portfolio levels makes it easier for customers to manage the working environment from day to day. Intervest takes care of the coordination, planning, communication and follow-up of the various services and acts as a central point of contact. Intervest hereby fully or partially takes over the “real estate care” from the customers and provides additional services for the employees of the customers, so that they can concentrate on their core activities.

Via theclient portal customers gain access to the helpdesk, the maintenance service and a wide range of additional services. All services are offered through selected partners. As a result, Intervest guarantees its customers an outstanding price-quality ratio with guarantee.




Helpdesk and maintenance service

Clients can use the online helpdesk 24/7 to request assistance for electricity, HVAC, lifts, safety, sanitation, painting works, repairs, plumbing, replacement of locks, and other issues. Several other types of odd jobs can be scheduled via the client portal maintenance service.

Contact helpdesk 24/7
Catering reception

Additional services

With a wide range of additional services, Intervest actually goes above and beyond real estate. And this applies not only to building-related issues, but is also relevant for service provision to employees of the customer.
A snapshot from the wide range of services: cleaning, window washing, house-plant maintenance, fire prevention, ironing service, fruit supply, catering, car wash, wellness, etc.