Intervest is continuously reviewing the degree to which its investment and management processes are aligned with the following international normative standards:

  1. The 17 United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  2. The 10 United Nations Global Compact Principles
  3. The 7 United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles
  4. The European Public Real Estate sustainable Best Practices Recommendations (EPRA sBPR)
  5. The EU Taxonomy Regulation

Improving the ESG performance is an integral part of the long-term value creation strategy and embedded in the DNA of Intervest.

The goal is to create healthy and inspiring environments and making work places inclusive anchors with a focus on health and well-being of tenants and employees.

Intervest has endorsed the UN 17 SDGs translating them into its daily operations since 2018. 


SDG Pioneer certificate

In collaboration with Voka it has realized at least 10 SDGs yearly in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and received the Voka Charter 'Duurzaam Ondernemen' for each of these years. In addition, as every SDG has been realized at least once over the 3 year period, Intervest has obtained the internationally recognized UNITAR SDG Pioneer certificate in October 2021.

Over the years Intervest selected five major SDGs for its sustainability strategy.

These are the SDG’s for which Intervest believes it can make the greatest positive contribution in the long term, while restricting its negative impact as much as possible.

  • SDG
  • SDG