Find in Intervest a partner that gives you the space to focus on your core business

Intervest Offices & Warehouses can assist you in realising a sale-and-lease-back transaction. A sale-and-lease-back agreement is an alternative form of financing whereby you sell your business real estate (offices or logistics) to the regulated real estate company Intervest and then lease it back for a, usually, long period of time. This allows you to realise the capital tied up in your property and free up funds for strategic investments, while continuing to operate in your familiar building(s).


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Sale-and-lease-back: what are the advantages for your business?

There are many advantages to considering a sale-and-lease-back agreement, the most important being listed below.

Focus on your core business

The realisation of a sale-and-lease-back transaction allows you to take your core business to a higher level or even to expand it. The capital that is tied up in your business real estate today is monetised through this type of transaction and makes more capital available for your day-to-day business activities. The freed up funds can also be used, for example, to finance strategic business investments, aimed at the core activities you want to focus on.

Improving your position in terms of balance sheet and liquidity

By selling your business real estate, fixed assets are replaced by current assets, which immediately improves your liquidity position. Realising a surplus value when selling your business property can also strengthen your balance sheet position. In addition, a sale-and-lease-back is interesting because compared to a traditional mortgage loan, which is usually limited to 70% or 80% of the estimated value of your real estate, you can release more funds through a sale-and-lease-back.

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Why choose a partnership with Intervest?

Beyond real estate by Team Intervest

As a real estate partner, Intervest goes 'beyond real estate' by relieving you of as much of your worries as possible. After all, as a GVV Intervest has the financing capacity to facilitate the transaction fully and at short notice. In addition, we have all the expertise needed to take over the entire dossier and handle it professionally. In addition to being a property investor, Intervest is also a property manager, which means that you, as a tenant, will be served extremely professionally.

Value creation

Intervest aims for long-term partnerships and sustainable win-win situations with its clients. A sale-and-lease-back is mutually beneficial as your company will receive a substantial amount of cash that can be reallocated to core business activities, while Intervest diversifies its portfolio in terms of risk and location, and also increases its cash flows and property portfolio.

Customer focus

With a customer-oriented and flexible attitude, we think along with you from the very first moment. Such flexibility is also a great advantage in sale-and-lease-back rental periods.


One of the most important pillars for Intervest is sustainability. Are there any investments that can contribute to making the property more sustainable? If so, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

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Are you looking for capital to finance investments that will enable the growth of your business? Then definitely consider a partnership with Intervest for a sale-and-lease-back agreement. By selling your property to Intervest and subsequently leasing it back, the committed capital is released which has numerous advantages for your company.

Are you interested? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to meet you!


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